“Adam Pleeth’s electric score has an authentically hazy flavour – you thought Hendrix was good? Imagine how he’d have sounded if he had eight legs.”
The Guardian

“Director Webster revels in the delightfully dark yet uplifting script of Dahl specialist David Wood, marrying it to the colourful compositions of musical director Adam Pleeth in a piece of heightened storytelling theatre that is visually striking too with just the right level of fantastical exaggeration.’
York Press

“Although the real star of the show might be multi-instrumentalist Adam Pleeth who plays onstage, providing both charming musical backdrop and trumpeting elephantine fart sounds.”
Evening Standard

“A brilliant score by Adam Pleeth.”
Sunday Times

“the beautifully captivating music played live by Adam Pleeth, a one-man band.”
A Younger Theatre

“the superb musicianship of Adam Pleeth, who scores as well as performs”
Sunday Times

“Adam Pleeth’s music is engaging, brave and surprisingly complex”
Time Out

“The other performance of superb artistry comes from composer/musician Adam Pleeth who plays an intriguing combination of trumpet, guitar, drums and percussion with a sensitivity and skill that astound and a nonchalant air of this being an everyday gig. Not so. This is a really great supporting performance.”
The Public Reviews

“With Adam Pleeth’s live, oompah-influenced score a constant quirky presence”
The Telegraph

“with Camp David (Adam Pleeth) providing the stirring varied music.”
British Theatre Guide

“musician Adam Pleeth, whose talent seems to have no boundaries. One minute he is accompanying Juana’s beautiful traditional dancing with a drum beat before moving on to an acoustic guitar, producing a trumpet, using a loop pedal and even finding time to play the percussion. At times it is difficult not to let your attention wander from Juana’s story centre-stage to Pleeth’s expertly timed musical feats.”
What Speen Seen

“considerably enhanced by musician Adam Pleeth’s rhythmic soft percussion (feeding into dialogue rhythms at time) and gentle guitar or trumpet playing, which intensifies atmosphere without intruding on the story’s forward movement.”

“With the help of Adam Pleeth’s stunning live musical accompaniment, manual labour is transformed into hypnotic movement sequences.”
Theatre Workbook


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