The Hartlepool Monkey

After Working with Finn Caldwell And Toby Oilé on Elephantom we got the creative team back together to work on a brilliant folk tale, with a script written by Carl Grose.

The heart of the music was based around the songs the characters would perform and Carl’s lyrics and the world Toby and Finn created were a wonderful point of inspiration. I always feel that once you have the musical world solidly established the rest of the music comes to me quite freely, and this was no exception. It began with a research and development week where we found the shape of the music and from there we discovered the world.

It is a historical piece, set in the 18th Century and although we wanted the music to have the essence of this time, and of the folk songs and sea shanties, we used this as a point to leap off from. The instrumental music and backing tracks then had to be recorded in my studio and were built into a Qlab for the show by the brilliant Alma Kelliher.

The result was a charming show that captured the spirit and essence of a time without being kept to it.

music by Adam Pleeth is an important feature of the piece. Some songs are sung and some atmospheric incidental music help to make the show very watchable.

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