The Elephantom

Elephantom started off when I gave my wife a mix tape of elephantine sounding music to take along to an R&D of a cool sounding show about Elephants.

Then the Directors Toby and Finn got in touch to see if I wanted to take part in the next R&D. I took a boat load of instruments and my trusty loop station to see what I could improvise along with the devised work that was happening. It was a fantastic creative week with incredible inspirational work going on and I just improvised over the company’s work. I love working in this way, as what is happing in the room inspires the music and what you provide inspires the performers and incredible things can happen.

I managed to write a few themes and pieces that ended up in the final show.

It was a joy to perform as it stretched me, challenged me and delighted me. I live looped about half the music in the play and the rest had basic loops pre made so I could build them up quicker. I was playing trumpet, baritone horn, alto clarinet, glockenspiel, drums, percussion, piano, banjolele and mandolin whilst also using the loop station and several effects units.

As the action was made so closely in conjunction with the music the whole thing felt very organic and was incredibly meshed together.

I loved making and working on this show!!

Adam Pleeth’s live, oompah-influenced score is a constant quirky presence

The Telegraph

the real star of the show might be multi-instrumentalist Adam Pleeth who plays onstage, providing both charming musical backdrop and trumpeting elephantine fart sounds.

Evening Standard

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