I started learning the guitar at 5, the piano at 6 and the trumpet at 7. I had great teachers and was hugely inspired by my time playing in the Aylesbury music centre Dance band who I performed with at the North Sea jazz festival when I was 18.

I carried on with piano and trumpet to grade 8 (and learned Nirvana songs on the guitar) before I went off to Bristol university to study music where he majored in Trumpet. During this time he also picked up some work playing jazz gigs and found a love for improvisation.
After Uni I started performing with Babyhead; an amazing Ska/hip-hop band who I played gigs with from Europe to New York.

In 2008 I started a job performing with Kneehigh’s Brief Encounter. I went on to perform the show over 700 times from the West end to Broadway’s Studio 54.

This began my love of theatre and after the success of Adam’s my first show as composer (fringe first winning ‘Juana in a Million’); writing music for theatre became the ultimate goal.

I love my job; even though I knew nothing about theatre before I started working in it I feel that this is my niche; coming to projects with few preconceptions, and happy to find the magic through the process.


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